Ernie Belanger at Saratoga National Cemetery


by Cliff Lamere    27 Apr 2006, revised 14 Nov 2017


Bugle (lacks valves)



    Ernest Edmund "Ernie" Belanger, VII

Ernie plays many instruments.  These include tuba, sousaphone, 

electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass fiddle, keyboard and trumpet.


Photographers for the photos on this webpage are unknown if not listed.


Below is a photo of Ernie sounding taps on his King Silver Flare Trumpet made around 1968.  Sometimes he uses his 1905 King Master Cornet or his Getzen B-flat Power Bore Cornet.  He is bugler for the Saratoga National Cemetery Honor Guard.  The Cemetery is in Saratoga County, NY.  Ernie is the official Tuesday Bugler.  Having joined the Honor Guard in October 2001, by November 2017 he had played taps at over 900 military funerals.  Ernie is not only a talented musician; he is also a caring patriot.



Ernie Belanger playing taps at Saratoga National Cemetery for Memorial Day celebration, 2006.




This photo of Ernie Belanger (date unknown) is also online with photos of the

Honor Guard.  Click here, then click on the Slide Show.




Ernie Belanger plays taps November 11, 2009 on his Getzen B-flat Power Bore Cornet.  

Photo is from the Daily Gazette, Schenectady, NY.



Saratoga National Cemetery Honor - Guard Ernie Belanger plays TAPs 

at the conclusion of the ceremony (published in the Saratogian 12 Nov 2010)


On November 6, 2017, Ernie Belanger was recognized by David J. Shulkin, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, for playing taps at 901 funerals of veterans. 

Challenge Coin from David J. Shulkin, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, November 6, 2017.




Biography of Ernie Belanger  (includes list of CDs on which he can be heard)


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Biography and photo of Ernie's musical father, Ernie Belanger, Sr.

Ernie's father in blackface