Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band -

Bernie Mulleda


by Cliff Lamere    Oct 19, 2006, revised July 10, 2010



Photos by Cliff Lamere

At the Fountain Restaurant, 283 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY . 



Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Mulleda, Jr. of Albany, NY - guitar



Bernie Mulleda  (2006 Oct 13)



Ernie Belanger (electric bass), Rich Skrika and Bernie Mulleda

(2006 Oct 13, L-R)



Skip Parsons, Ernie Belanger, Rich Skrika and Bernie Mulleda  (2006 Oct 13, L-R)

Skip, on soprano sax, and Bernie are playing a duet.



Bernie Mulleda  (2006 Oct 13)



Bernie Mulleda  (2010 Jan 9)



Bernie Mulleda  (2010 April 10)



Bernie Mulleda  (2010 June 12)




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