Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band


by Cliff Lamere, a fan

November 27, 2004, most recent revision March 15, 2017





This webpage was made for my friends in the Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band.

This terrific 7-piece dixieland/traditional jazz group has been performing monthly at the 

Fountain Restaurant in Albany, NY since 1971.  They perform their toe-tapping music

 every second weekend of the month (the second Saturday and the Friday night before).




Skip Parsons founded the Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band in 1956.

The photo shows him with his clarinet and soprano saxophone.






Schedule of the 7-piece Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band at the Fountain Restaurant

    They always play the second Saturday of the month plus the Friday night before.  On Fridays, they play 10pm-1am.  On Saturdays, they begin a half hour earlier, playing 9:30 pm to 12:30 am.




For some gigs, Skip uses smaller groups.  Not all of the players are the same as those in the full group which performs at the Fountain Restaurant.  


Clarinet Marmalade - this term is used to mean a group other than the full Riverboat Jazz Band


Skip Parsons’ Clarinet Marmalade Trio
Skip Parsons’ Clarinet Marmalade Swing Trio

Skip Parsons’ Clarinet Marmalade Swing Quartet
Skip Parsons’ Clarinet Marmalade Swing Quintet

Visit Skip's website if you would like to hire the full band or one of his smaller groups.






PHOTOS of the whole band


    Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band 


    Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band 2 


    Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band 3


    Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band 4


    Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band 5


    Mardi Gras 1    


    Mardi Gras 2   


    Historical Photos



PHOTOS of the celebration of Skip's 80th birthday at the Fountain Restaurant, Albany, NY.  3/15/17



band members, including alternates

(alphabetical by last name)



    Arvid Allen



    Allen, Phil    

    Ernie Belanger 

Bio & Discography


    Ernie Belanger  in FL 1



    Ernie Belanger  in FL 2



    Ernie Belanger  in FL 2010



    Ernie Belanger at Saratoga Nat Cem


 Saratoga National Cemetery

    Ernie Belanger   youngster



    Mike Benedict


 His new website

    Ron Bill 



    Mike Canonico



    Dino Cimino



    Tim Coakley    



    Rennie Crain

Bio & Discography


    Tom D'Andrea 

Bio & Discography


    Crick Diefendorf    

    Rich Downs 



    Rich Downs 2



    Forrest Gabriels



    Forrest Gabriels 2



    Forrest Gabriels, MD



    John Halsey    

    Ron Joseph



    Eddy Kebabjian 

Bio & Discography


    Jack Kelle



    Paul Mastriani



    Bernie Mulleda



    Skip Parsons


  Bio is on Skip's website

    Skip Parsons 2



    SkipP & TimC



    Skip & Don & Forrest



    Skip Parsons & Fans



    Skip Parsons article


 Times Union feature

    Dylan Perrillo    

    Sam Ponder



    Sam Ponder 2



    Mo Rancourt 



    Mo Rancourt Quintet  - part 1



    Mo Rancourt Quintet  - part 2



    Mo Rancourt Quintet - videos



    Rich Skrika


 Bio contains early photo.

    Rich Skrika 2



    Johnathan "Johnny Peppers" Steenstra


 Jazz musician

    Johnathan "Johhny Peppers" Steenstra


 bass saxophone

    Johnathan "Johnny Peppers" Steenstra


 bass saxophone #2

    Johnathan "Johnny Peppers" Steenstra


 soprano sax

    Johnathan "Johnny Peppers" Steenstra


 contrabass sax  

    Johnathan "Johnny Peppers" Steenstra


 contrabass sax #2

    Johnathan "Johnny Peppers" Steenstra


 with Clarinet Marmalade  

    Woody Strobeck



    Tom Wetmore 

Bio & Discography




Miscellaneous Photos


                  PHOTOS of Clarinet Marmalade Groups

    Clarinet Marmalade Trio at Funeral  

    Clarinet Marmalade Trio at Normanside Country Club   


                    PHOTOS of Past Band Members

    Carl Lunsford


                PHOTOS of Guest Musicians I Have Seen

    Jerry Gordon at the Fountain Restaurant 

    Jerry Gordon at Elks Club, Clifton Park, NY  

    Oakley Frost at the Fountain Restaurant

    Don Arnold at the Fountain Restaurant

                      PHOTOS of Riverboat Jazz Band Fans



Miscellaneous PHOTOS

    Don LaVoie's Funeral 




     LIST OF ALL KNOWN MUSICIANS who played with the Riverboat Six and the Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band since 1956  - includes links to online photos and bios, plus over 50 obituaries.  The list contains information about more than 160 musicians.






Hear the sound of Skip Parsons & his Clarinet Marmalade Swing Quartet


  "Squeeze Me" - a Fats Waller tune  (3:52)  Size:  3.62 Mb.  Dec 16, 2010.  

Skip Parsons (clarinet), Rennie Crain (piano), Ernie Belanger (electric bass), Tim Coakley (drums)






Skip Parsons  - 2 CDs (click on the CD icons)

  Skip Parsons' Riverboat Dixieland Jazz Band   (CD).  Featuring Skip Parsons (clarinet, soprano sax & vocals). 

            With Ed Hubble (trombone & alto horn), Paul Monat (cornet & a vocal), Ernie Belanger (tuba & bass),

            Rennie Crain (piano), Tom D'Andrea (drums), Ed Kebabjian (banjo, guitar, and a vocal).
  Skip Parsons' Clarinet Marmalade Trio (CD).  Skip Parsons' Clarinet Marmalade Trio featuring Skip Parson

on clarinet & soprano sax.  With Ernie Belanger (tuba & bass), Don LaVoie (banjo), 

Ed Kebabjian (banjo), and Dick Hunsberger (tuba).  Only three musicians play on each cut.


Eddy Kebabjian  - 2 CDs

  By the Sea - The Jazz Banjos of Steve Caddick & Eddy Kebabjian (CD).

  Old Cape Cod - The Jazz Banjos of Steve Caddick & Eddy Kebabjian (CD).


Other band members appear on CDs as part of a group.  See their individual or biographical webpage for more information.  Click on the CD icon following a CD title to get more information about the CD. 





  Skip Parsons: Joe 'n' Me (audio tape).  Skip Parsons on clarinet & soprano sax.  With Joe Slovak on clarinet,

                    Ernie Belanger on tuba & bass, Tom D'Andrea on drums, and Paul Mastriani on piano.  




Members of the 7-piece Riverboat Jazz Band I saw in 2006

Skip Parsons - clarinet / soprano sax / vocals / leader

Ron Joseph - clarinet

Mo Rancourt - cornet / trumpet / Satchmo vocals

Sam Ponder - trumpet

Woody Strobeck - trombone

Eddy Kebabjian - banjo / vocals

Ron Bill - guitar, banjo

Bernie Mulleda - guitar  

Arvid Allen - keyboard

Rich Skrika - keyboard

Ernie Belanger - tuba / sousaphone / electric bass / vocals

Rich Downs - acoustic bass, cornet

Tom Wetmore - acoustic bass

Tom D'Andrea - drums

Tim Coakley - drums

Mike Benedict - drums

Forrest Gabriels - drums


Just a few of the members seen after 2006

Giampaolo Biagi

Mike Canonico - cornet  (2010-2011)

Dino Cimino  - electric bass  (2007)

Rennie Crain - keyboard  (2011)

Crick Diefendorf (2011)

Joe Hetko - guitar  (2010)

Paul Mastriani  (2010)

Ken Olsen  (2012)

Johnathan Steenstra - bass & soprano sax  (2009-2012)


Members I saw at the Fountain Restaurant in earlier years

Paul Monat - tuba (well-known cornetist)

Tom Scannell - cornet

Ed Hubble - trombone


Guests I have seen at the Fountain Restaurant have included:

Jerry Gordon, washboard  (Feb 10, 2006 & Sep 8, 2006)

Oakley Frost, electric stick bass  (Nov 13, 2004)

Don Arnold, trumpet  (Dec 10, 2010)

Jill Hughes, vocals

Brian Brundige, tuba

Jonathan Greene, clarinet (Dec 12, 2015)






Ernie Belanger, Sr.

Ernie Belanger, Sr., - Part 2


Burial Places of Jazz and Other Musicians 

     Includes photos of most gravestones and some signatures. 


Tom Wickman - an 80th birthday celebration of a Riverboat Jazz Band fan







Read a biography of Skip Parsons.

View Skip's website.


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