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Biography by Skip Parsons

Discography & Webpage by Cliff Lamere

25 Feb 2006, rev. 12 Dec 2010






Bio by Skip Parsons  [2006]


Denis Edward "Eddy" Kebabjian
Banjo, Guitar

During his school years, Ed played with some ethnic, country, and rock & roll groups, and appeared in several Catskill Mountain Resorts including Hunter Mountain.  After two years in the army, he formed his own country group where he continued music for six years.  While partially retired from the music scene in the late 60’s to raise his family and work as a crime lab tech, he began to seek some Dixieland gigs in the 80’s in the Albany area.  In 1991, he joined the Skip Parsons’ Riverboat Jazz Band and has appeared with the RBJ in concert with Doc Cheatham, Spanky Davis, Carl Lunsford, Spiegel Wilcox and many others.  Ed has produced, arranged and recorded his two CD’s “By The Sea” and “Old Cape Cod” which showcase the banjo as a versatile instrument used to perform various styles of music.  He has attended several of the New England Banjofests where he has performed with notable banjoists Kurt Abell, Steve Caddick and Dave Frey.  Ed has also worked with Dave Huxtable, Roswell Rudd & Bobby Day (pianist from the Fred Waring band).  He also enjoys an occasional banjo “blast” and has attended parties of that style, which included the fine talents of Jimmy Mazzy.  Ed also has an interest in playing Armenian music.  He does this quite well & often to keep his “pick active”. 


See Eddy Kebabjian can be seen and heard in videos

       La Belle Senorita (arranged by Eddy).  With Steve Caddick and Paul Poirier.

       Avalon.  With Steve Caddick and Rene Marion.

       Nobodys Sweetheart Now.  With Steve Caddick and Cynthia Sayer.

       Glory of Love.  With Cynthia Sayer.


Eddy Kebabjian can be seen in photos taken by Cliff Lamere:

    Eddy Kebabjian

    Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band 1

    Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band 2

    Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band 3

    Skip Parsons' Clarinet Marmalade Trio at Normanside Country Club

    Mardi Gras 1

    Mardi Gras 2

    With Ron Bill

    With Rich Downs 1

    With Rich Downs 2

    With Rich Skrika

    With Jerry Gordon

    With Sam Ponder

    With Forrest Gabriels 2


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    Skip Parsons' Clarinet Marmalade Trio at Funeral

    Skip Parsons' Clarinet Marmalade Trio at Elks Club


See Eddy Kebabjian in other internet photos:

    Beneath a canopy  - Tom D'Andrea, Rennie Crain, Ernie Belanger, Skip Parsons, Woody Strobeck, Mo Rancourt, Eddy Kebabjian (left to right)

    Clarinet Marmalade Trio

    Creating a CD   (5 photos)

    Early Spring Banjo Fling  10th annual






Skip Parsons' Riverboat Dixieland Jazz Band (2 CDs) 


2.  WITH STEVE CADDICK  (tenor banjo)

By the Sea

Old Cape Cod

( Eddy Kebajian plays banjo, bass and guitar.)  

(Eddy primarily does the rhythm, some harmony, and most of the vocals.)






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