Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band -

Don Arnold, guest


by Cliff Lamere    11 Dec 2010


Photos by Cliff Lamere

At the Fountain Restaurant, 283 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY. 



Donald Frederick "Don" Arnold, Jr.  - trumpet

Don is currently from Albany, NY.



Skip Parsons, Don Arnold, Rich Skrika (Dec 10, 2010)

Don is doing his Louis Armstrong imitation. 




Woody Strobeck, Rich Downs, Tim Coakley, Skip Parsons, Don Arnold, and

Bernie Mulleda (R-L)  Skip is getting the microphone ready for 

Don Arnold's vocal imitation of Satchmo.  (Dec 10, 2010)



Woody Strobeck, Rich Downs, Skip Parsons, Don Arnold, Rich Skrika and

Bernie Mulleda (R-L)  (Dec 10, 2010)



Don Arnold may have put his trumpet away for this evening, 

but from his table he continued to play along as he listened to the band.

He fingered trumpet improvisations that resounded only in his imagination.

(Dec 10, 2010)