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by Tom Wetmore


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Bio & Discography by Tom Wetmore  [2006]


Tom Wetmore

Tom Wetmore, a stalwart in both American and Celtic folk culture, has been playing bass since he was 13 years old.  Tom is a versatile acoustic and electric bass player in styles ranging from jazz to bluegrass and celtic.  From 1987 to the present Tom has played with master hammer dulcimer player Walt Michael.  He has been playing with Al Gallodoro for about twenty years.  Tom has also been a member of the John Whelan Band, and has performed with legendary bluegrass banjo player Bill Keith.  Tom was featured with the John Whelan Band on the cover of Acoustic Musician Magazine May/June 1998.


(playing bass on all)


Live In Scotland    

WITH JOHN WHELAN (accordian, Celtic music): 

Flirting With The Edge, 1998    
Celtic Treasure II, 1998  
Stories, 1999   CD
Come To Dance, 1999  
Celtic Fire, 2001  
Celtic Roots, 2002  
From the Heart, 2002  

WITH BLACKTHORN (guitar, Irish music): 

The Other Side, 1998    

WITH PATRICK MANGAN (fiddle, Irish music): 

Farewell To Ireland, 2003    

WITH TOM WADSWORTH (guitar, non-jazz): 

Skeleton Man, 2003     


WITH AL GALLODORO  (saxophone)
Infinite Gallodoro, July 2004     2 CDs

1 CD of remastered cuts from 1940's through 1960's, plus

1 CD from July 2004 when Al was age 91 ! (with Tom Wetmore)



Tom Wetmore can be seen in photos taken by Cliff Lamere:

    Tom Wetmore


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