Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band -



Skip Parsons & Tim Coakley


by Cliff Lamere    11 Mar 2006




Photos by Cliff Lamere

At the Fountain Restaurant, 283 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY. 



Skip Parsons - clarinet

Tim Coakley - drums



The Birthday Boys.  Friends & Musicians.

Tim Coakley, born March 10, and Skip Parsons, born March 11.

Photo taken at 12:45 a.m. on 2006 Mar 11.  

Tim's birthday had just finished, and Skip's was just beginning.



Hamming it up.  12:45 a.m. 2006 Mar 11.

Tim Coakley and Skip Parsons. 



"Hey, Skip!  How does it sound when I plug THIS hole?"

Tim Coakley and Skip Parsons.  Still just a couple of kids at heart.

  12:45 a.m. 2006 Mar 11.



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